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Is your website inactive?

Your website could be inactive due to a technical issue or some other problem with your account.

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A technical issue with your website.

A technical issue may result in your service being suspended.

If your website is undergoing code changes resulting in a server failure or has been hacked in a way which puts excessive load on your web server your service may be suspended.

Its likely that your support team is already working on the issue but if you are worried then please get in touch.

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A problem with your account

Your payment my not be on time, or your automatic credit card payments have failed.

As per the terms of our standard agreement:


"Public access to the website may be blocked and interest may become payable, should any associated monthly payments remain outstanding for more than 7 days."


"Overtone Limited shall charge our standard hourly rate of £75 ex VAT for any additional work required."


"Where project payments are linked to project payment milestones, the Client shall pay the amounts specified in Appendix One within 14 days following the date of invoice.

Should an invoice not be paid within this time the Contractor may, at their discretion, charge interest on the outstanding amount at the LIBOR rate plus 3%."


Getting You Back Online

To get your site back online you need to make a payment for the outstanding balance + the administration fee of £75 ex VAT. 

Once the payment has cleared into our account your server will be restarted and will once again be made accessible to the public.

  • Pay for the outstanding hosting balance on your account + £75 ex VAT administration fee.
  • Send proof of payment to [email protected]
  • Once the payment clears your account will be reactivated. 


Server Deletion - Website Archiving - 30 Days from Suspension

In the event that no payment is received within 30 Days of your account suspension, your website will be archived and your server will be deleted. 

This means that to get it active again will require additional development work. 

In order to retrieve and restore your website to a new server, you will be required to complete payment for all outstanding invoices on your account including any development fees + the server re-launch fee of £600 ex VAT.


Interest Payable on Late Payments

Interest on the outstanding amount on your account from the date of suspension will be charged at the LIBOR rate plus 3%.


Legal Action - Outstanding Invoices & Late Payments 

Where no settlement is made for your outstanding invoices on your account within 30 days of your Account Suspension Date, Overtone Digital will begin the process of a claim against you for non payment.


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Your website could be inactive due to a technical issue or some other problem with your account.